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New Album: NO TE PROMETO NADA  (2015)

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Rosario Smowing is a "rockbigband" from Rosario, Argentina. Originated in the late twentieth century, recreating the dance music of the '40s, '50s and '60s with an "Argentinian Swing" style, with original songs and arrangements that combine elements of ska, jazz, mambo, rockabilly, dixie, tango and bolero.

Diego Casanova: vocals, trumpet
Gabriel Coronel: electric & acoustic bass, back vocals
Sebastian Teglia: electric & acoustic guitar, banjo, back vocals
Alejandro Bluhn: piano & accordion
Diego Picech: drums
Fluck: trombones, tuba, back vocals
Jesus Eroles: alto and tenor sax, clarinet, violin
Sergio Peresutti: trumpet, harmonica, back vocals.

It was created in late 1999, originally inspired by the sound of swing and ska of the '70s and '80s. They released their first demo in 2000, with 5 songs, which reflected a danceable proposal, good rhythm and a colorful urban and "tango" dye in the lyrics writed by the vocalist and frontman, Diego Casanova.

After 3 years of innovative and successful performances in their city and area, and among some lineup changes, they released their first CD "Volumen 1" independently produced and edited by a label of Buenos Aires.

"Mareado", the first single from that album, also prompted a leading video production, directed by award-winning filmmaker Federico Actis. The next year, same song was included in the compilation "Roll of the Dice" with songs of bands like Jet Set Sixers, Sandro Cumini, Bellevue Cadillac, Pink Martini and others.
 In 2004 they finish to strengthen the next 2 CDs lineup, which influenced an evolution in his unique sound, adding more elements of jazz, tango, latin and traditional ska.

In 2005 They began to appear within the circuit of the "Fiestas Bubamara" at important stages in the cities of Buenos Aires and Còrdoba. At the same time they started pre-producing the songs for their next album, produced by the band and released in agreement with the UMI (Independent Musicians Union)

In 2007, while continuing to perform in many rock festivals in Rosario, Santa Fe and Cordoba, they participated in the IX and XII Festival de Jazz de Rosario "Santiago Grande Castelli".
The year 2008 carried out two successful band interactions with other expressions of the scenic art: they musicalized a live show with the choreographer Veronica Mensegues and the dance company "The Jazz Club" and also participate in the tour of the play "Un guapo del 900" in Buenos Aires starring Joaquin Furriel, Rita Cortese, Antonio Grimau, and directed by Eva Halac and produced by the National Ministry of Culture.
That same year, joined the grid of "Quilmes Rock Rosario", they perform in the city of Curitiba (Brazil) and one year later in Sao Paulo.

In 2010were the opening act of the French group Tryo in the National Flag Monument in Rosario; and with the group Moveis Coloniais de Acajù in Sao Paulo.

In November they plays with the band Dancing Mood at Parque Roca Stadium (Buenos Aires), in a cycle that made them share the stage with bands like Vicentico, Pericos, Ratones Paranoicos, Nonpalidece, Baiano, Autenticos Decadentes and others.

In May 2011 the orchestra released their long-awaited 3rd album "Volumen 3-Se Mueve"
Recorded between September 2010 and February 2011, produced by Rosario Smowing, It has the luxurious presence of prominent guests, in a repertoire that includes new compositions and old unreleased songs from different eras of the band.

In early 2012 the band was invited to participate in the "Masala Worldbeat Festival" in Hannover, Germany.
This invitation encourages scheduling of the first European tour of the band, (declared“Cultural Interest” by their Ministry of Innovation and Culture); arranging shows inFrankfurt, Hamburg, Hildesheim and Erlangen (Germany) , Malmö and Karlshamn (Sweden) and two concerts in Barcelona (Spain).
For this tour, the disc “Volume 3 - Se Mueve” is released in Europe by Flowfish Records label, and distributed by Brokensilence. In the first two weeks of launching, the digital selling was sold out; and was highlighted by two major German radio stations. During the tour had the opportunity to share the stage with bands Pinkspots (Germany), Luiz Murá (Brazil), Band of Joy (Sweden) Irene Atienza (Spain); so as too Chalao and Faela (Sweden); the groups of Rosario Smowing´s former drummer: Hugo Coronel.

In 2013 Rosario Smowing launches 13 años; a Special Edition with their three discs; presented in the main Argentine cities. In August, the band began a tour of 20 concerts in five European countries; attending festivals as Dranouter New Traditions (Belgium), Hannover Maschseefest, Straßenfest Berlin Ku'damm, Blues & Jazz in Bamberg (Germany) and others.

 The upward career of the "RockBigband" finds them in early 2014 on a big night at the CC Konex of Buenos Aires, with the Swedes Faela and locals Babel Orkesta.

 Then they went to their third European tour, leaving good impression on some of the most important festivals such as the Montreux Jazz Festival, Lärz Fusion, Burg Herzberg, Koblenz Horizonte, Copenhagen Jazz Festival, Tilburg Mundial; among other performances in Paris, Berlin, Hamburg, Prague, Bern, Malmö, Frankfurt and more, in a raid of eight countries. In September they participate in the II International Festival of Goiás (Brazil), shared programming with such notable artists as Escalandrum, Renato Borghetti and Hermeto Pascoal.

This 2015 arrives 4th CD of the band "No te prometo nada."

The new album features guest as maestro Martin Tessa on tango guitar and arrangements, Lucas Querini in piano, Ana Lola Velez on percussion and Don Orlando Delamatta in locution.

Registered in April of this year with Billie Gomez in the recording and mixing; Patricio Claypole and Gonzalo Suarez (El Attic Studio,Gral Rodriguez ), Alejandro O'Connell ( 312 Studio, Rosario) Gabriel Coronel collaborated in the production, pre-production and mixing and Gustavo Fourcade mastered in Step Ahead Sound (Buenos Aires).

It was released and premiered during a Europe tour in July and August, again with Flowfish Records.


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